Controversial “Centennial” bonds: first challenge for Alberto Fernández

First payments are due on December 28 and together with the "Discount" bonds add up to almost $ 600 million for which the new government will be forced to use reserves. The schedule of debt payments will accelerate in the last 45 days of the year from tomorrow when they expire $ 290 million in interest of the 'Bond 24'. This will be the main explanation of falling reserves in the coming weeks.

Goat farmers at climate change frontline in Argentina’s wine belt

Climate change has considerably affected goat breeders scattered along the Andes foothills and altered the entire cycle of life in the region. Drought, cold, and lack of pasture have decimated herds in contrasts with the robustness of Mendoza's central and northern vineyards, where sophisticated irrigation systems have helped to absorb some of the shock of climate change.

Bondholders warn Argentina not to make debt ‘uninvestable’

Some of Argentina's biggest bondholders are building up a unified front with more than two dozen other bondholders to negotiate with the incoming government led by Alberto Fernandez over roughly $50 bn they are owed in sovereign debt. “No one wants to be in court another decade. The more losses Alberto Fernández tries to impose upon creditors, the more likely we are to end up in that situation again”, warned one of their representatives.