Argentina creditors jockey for lead ahead of $100 billion debt talks

Several factions of Argentina’s bondholders are jostling for influence ahead of restructuring talks with incoming president Alberto Fernandez as Latin America’s third-largest economy tries to avert a default, more than a dozen sources familiar with the process said. Argentina is once again buckling under the weight of its sovereign debts, which total around $100 billion.

Lithium miner finances $800,000 solar farm in Argentina

FMC – Minera del Altiplano is the financial force behind a soon-to-be-open $800,000 solar farm in the town of Antofagasta de la Sierra, Argentina's Catamarca province. Known as the Antofagasta Solar Park the 600.3-kilowatt facility, run by provincial energy provider EC SAPEM, is a hybrid photovoltaic solar farm with the capacity to power 1,000 homes at reduced prices.