Day: December 2, 2019

Fuels rise 6% and prepaid health plans 12%

Oil companies operating in Argentina apply a further increase of up to 6.5% in fuel prices as of today, thus totaling 17.8% in one month, after authorization granted by the Government. Meanwhile, companies offering prepaid health plans also apply a 12% increase as of today. This is the sixth consecutive increase of the year that accumulates 61%, 6 points above the estimated inflation of 55%.

Argentina holds Leliq interest rate floor steady at 63%

Argentina’ central bank (BCRA) will maintain the floor underneath its benchmark Leliq interest rate at 63% to help protect the country’s wobbly peso currency. In a monthly report, the bank said that it would hold the rate steady for December due to the “importance of sustaining a real positive return for savers”.