Fernandez aims to resolve debt issues without seeking a haircut for creditors

Argentina's president elect, Alberto Fernandez, has stated that once he takes office the country will attempt to solve its sovereign debt issues quickly and without seeking a haircut for creditors. A difficult task taking in account the different challenges of a country with a persistent fiscal deficits and recession. According to the latest government statistics, Argentina’s total outstanding debt totals $337 billion, or 80.7 percent of GDP.

JetSMART to take over Argentina’s Norwegian arm

Scandinavian giant Norwegian is about to exit the low-cost flights market in Argentina and sell its South American arm to its local rival JetSMART. Last year, Norwegian took advantage of the deregulation of the Argentina aviation market by opening its own airline in the country. JetSmart also began operating last year after buying Alas del Sur, which already had routes granted by the Government.