Day: December 5, 2019

Vehicle production fell 26.4% in November, 15th month in a row

Argentina’s car production reached 27,099 units in November, that is, 26.4% below the same month of 2018, while exports contracted 31.2% in the same year-on-year comparison. The information provided by the Association of Automotive Manufacturers (Adefa) indicates that November marked the 15th month of a consecutive fall in national vehicle production.

Argentine central bank chief Sandleris to step down

Argentina central bank chief Guido Sandleris resigned, an expected step as Latin America’s third-largest economy transitions to Peronism next week under newly elected President Alberto Fernandez. Sandleris, who holds a doctorate in economics from Columbia University, had been in his role since September 2018. The peso has sunk since last year and annual inflation is over 50%.

Russia restricts beef imports from 7 plants in Argentina and Paraguay

Russia’s agriculture safety watchdog will impose restrictions on beef supplies to Russia  from Dec. 18. , it said on Wednesday. The value of Paraguayan beef exports to Russia was $264.6 million from January through November, according to Paraguay’s health service. Official Argentine data show the country sent $46.9 million worth of beef to Russia from January through October.