Argentina issues $1.3 billion in Treasury Bills

Argentina’s new government announced the issuance of $1.326 billion of dollar-denominated Treasury Bills, to be directly subscribed by the central bank (BCRA), according to a decree published today in the Official Gazette. They will expire on Dec. 30 2029 with interest payable semi-annually. The rate will depend on the interest accrued by the central bank’s foreign reserves and capped at the annual LIBOR rate minus one percentage point.

YPF ships third LNG export to Europe

Oil company YPF shipped 130,000 cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the port of Bahía Blanca to the port of Barcelona, ​​Spain. Similar shipments had been completed in May and November 2019 when the Tango FLNG barge began operations in the Argentine port by processing gas coming mainly from Vaca Muerta and then transferring it to the methane ships for their final destination.

Products of the Basic Food Basket increase 7% from today

The prices of the Basic Food Basket increase between 5% and 9% from this Thursday as a result of the application of VAT that had been exempted last August. Milk is the only product that will not undergo changes due to an agreement between the government, producers and supermarkets. Those products considered non-basic will increase up to 21%.