Drug prices rise 10% in first week of March

After the agreement between Government and laboratories, the prices of medicines began to show increases that started at 1.9% and reached 10%. Generic remedies rose by 2.0% and brand name remedies by 2.3%. Permanent treatments increased by 2.2%. There could be adjustments to remain below the CPI throughout 2020, according to a survey by the consulting firm Elypsis.

Sharp drop in the value of Argentine assets

ADRs dropped 8%: Banco Macro led the retreats with -8.1%. Then, BBVA assets (-7.6%); Galicia (-7.4%); and Ternium (-6.9%) followed. S&P Merval fell 4.2% to 35,222.43 units, where YPF shares fell 5.5% following adverse accounting results and the collapse of oil. In the fixed-income segment, the first dollar-denominated bonds fell to 7%, and country risk exceeded 2,400 points, 3.4%, its highest level in the last six months. The Buenos Aires Stock Exchange opens with a 12.7% collapse.

Global turbulence hits Argentina: country risk soars 400 points, and bonds fall up to 6%

The Argentine country risk index reached 2,788 basis points, its highest level since 2005, affected by heavy losses in oil prices and sovereign bond yields. Within this framework, Argentine shares listed in New York lose up to 15% in previous negotiations, the papers that fall the most are those of Banco Macro (15.13%), YPF (14.38%) and Grupo Financiero Galicia (10.56%).