Government Grants $111.9 mn for reimbursement of social insurance and prepaid medicine companies.

The national government modified the General Budget of the National Administration for Fiscal Year 2020 and determined the granting of $111.9 million to the Superintendence of Health Services for its program Financial Assistance to Health Insurance Agents, which includes social insurance and prepaid medicine companies.

S&P Merval rose 8.1%, but country risk touched a new 15-year high

After plummeting 13.8% on "Black Monday", the Buenos Aires stock market rose 8.1% on Tuesday, driven by recoveries in the oil sector, in line with the external trend in anticipation of stimuli to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the global economy. However, the dollar bonds accentuated their downward trend, and the risk surpassed the 2,800 points barrier.