Financial assessment for March

The tourist dollar, which carries the 30% surcharge for the Country Tax, rose 3.6% this month to 86.37 pesos. The retail dollar rate accompanied the Single and Free Market (MULC), where the currency also rose 3.6% to 64.47 pesos in March. The blue dollar closed stable at 83.5 pesos, with a rise of 6.4% in the month and the Cash with Liquidation (CCL) – which results from the purchase and sale of shares or bonds to escape foreign exchange – rose 43 cents to 86.92 pesos, so the gap with the official was at 34.8%. The BCRA’s International Reserves fell this Monday by $150 million to $43.58 billion; the coffers lost $1.2 billion during the last 30 days.

Source: Ámbito