Argentina’s international reserves fall $22 mn, and dollar CCL rises 1.3%

The BCRA's International Reserves fell by $22 million to $43.87 billion. The cash dollar (CCL) rose 1.37 pesos, 1.3%, to 108.79 pesos; therefore, the exchange rate gap was 65.8%. The MEP dollar, which arises from the purchase and sale of bonds in the Buenos Aires stock exchange, rose by 2.06 pesos, 1.9%, to 108.32 pesos, leaving a spread of 65.1% leaving a spread of 65.1% with the price operated in the Single Market and Free Exchange (MULC).

Argentina’s fledgling lithium sector clipped by coronavirus

The country hoped a $2.1 billion lithium export market, according to a government presentation, up from $190 million last year when it shipped 50,000 tonnes of the white metal. Argentina’s push to grow lithium exports had already faced challenges, with rivals such as Australia and Chile developing deposits faster and a global price drop hurting investment.