May’s revenue falls by 22%.

Tax collection in May, the second full month of quarantine, amounted to 499,535 billion pesos ($ 7.29 bn), reported the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP). This figure represented a fall in real terms of 22% compared to the same month last year, but 1.4% better than in April. In nominal terms, there was an increase of 12.4% year-on-year.

Vicentin with $1.5 bn debt receives more offers to acquire the company

The agribusiness firm Vicentin, which went into default in December last year with debts exceeding $1.5 billion, continues to accumulate offers to buy. Currently, Vicentin's financial debt amounts to just over $1.1 billion, and Banco Nación is its main creditor with almost 80% of the total. The commercial debt totals another $400 million, made up of hundreds of agricultural products and cooperatives that sold him grain. The firm closed with the largest default in the history of Argentine agriculture.

Argentina’s offer to bondholders reaches 49.9% of NPV

With a definitive effort, the Government's offer reaches 49.9% of the Net Present Value (NPV), including the calculation of what should be liquidated, if a GDP coupon or similar is issued within the offer. Creditors remain at an average claim of 55%; now they will have to make the most significant effort to bring their positions closer together. In dollar terms, the gap, for now, is between $4.5 and $5 billion to close a final deal.

Soybeans up almost $4 in Chicago thanks to Chinese demand

The price of soybeans closed 1.2% ($3.67) on Tuesday at $312.51 a ton. The August contract rose 1.1% ($3.49) to $313.33 a ton. Corn also rose 0.3% ($0,.39) and closed operations at $127.65 a ton, accompanied by a rise in oil values that could boost demand for yellow grains within the ethanol-producing sector in the United States. Wheat fell 1.4% ($2.66) to $186-66 a ton, as speculative funds took profits and improved weather for U.S. and Black Sea crops.