Globalstar Announces New Ground Station in Argentina

Globalstar has announced the deployment of a new ground station with second-generation technology in Córdoba, Argentina. The new infrastructure enables voice calls, two-way data communication and internet connection, extending Globalstar’s service throughout South America. The new station will allow uninterrupted coverage in the territories of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Argentina could export 240,000 tonnes of barley next season to China

Argentina is jockeying to get more of its malt barley into Chinese beer, now that Asia’s mega-economy is locked in a trade fight with its top barley supplier Australia. Argentina is expected to export 120,000 tonnes of barley to China this year and for the next season, if the Chinese maintain import taxes on Australian barley, it could double to 240,000 tonnes, maybe more if barley farms in France and Canada have bad crop weather, said industry sources.

Argentina’s Renewable Projects likely to be delayed for next 2 years

The construction and commissioning of renewable energy projects in Argentina are expected to get delayed on the back of the coronavirus crisis and tightening of the economy during the last two years. The reason behind the delay in the commencement of construction projects was due to the tightening of the economy which had restricted project awardees of the RenovAr auction program to access low-cost financing.