The S&P Merval fell more than 5%

The S&P Merval de Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) index fell 5.2% to 40,471 units. Argentine stocks on Wall Street all ended in negative territory, with Edenor leading the panel with a 5.9% drop. In Buenos Aires, the most significant decreases recorded Banco Macro (7.45%), Ternium and Grupo Supervielle (6.7%) and Edenor (-6.5%). The stock market dollars plunged up to 1.3%, with a loss of up to 8.69 pesos.

The public debt increased in May by $1.59 bn and reached a total of $324.8 bn

Preliminary data on the variation of the Central Administration's debt as measured by the Ministry of Finance show a net increase of $1.59 billion, to $324.8 billion. It represented the highest level in the first six months of Government and accumulated in the period a growth equivalent to $11.48 billion, due to the effect of the Extraordinary and Long-term Transitional Advances of the Central Bank.

A typical family needed $628.9 to avoid falling into poverty in May

The INDEC, which pointed out that the total basic basket increased by 42% in one year, while the line for not falling into destitution grew by 47.9%. These percentages reflect that 2.4 million households, including 9.9 million people, were below the poverty line. Within that set, 536,466 homes were below the indigence line, including 2.2 million indigent people.