Day: June 23, 2020

Agro-industrial exports represent 70% of total exports

Agribusiness was a pole of the generation of dollars in the country during the first four months, monopolizing almost 70% of the total income in terms of foreign exchange, exceeding 12 billion dollars. Total agro-industrial exports rose by 1.5%, with a surplus of $104 million with record shipments of corn and wheat.

Fiscal deficit reached more than 10% of GDP

Last month’s net result was one of the worst, probably more harmful than the one recorded during the hyperinflation of mid-1989. The deficit reached an equivalent of $3.6 billion at the primary level, and $4.4 billion was the deficit at the financial level. It is a rate of more than 10% of GDP.

Remittances abroad drop 50%

Among Latin American countries, the historical average of remittances was $280 per month, and this figure maintained until 2019. With the pandemic crisis now the standard in the country is below $100 per month.