World’s biggest trade deal in trouble over EU anger at Brazil deforestation

The European Union-Mercosur free trade agreement, finalized one year ago last June, faces growing opposition from European national governments, EU parliamentarians, and non-profit organizations, in addition to Latin American entities, putting its ratification at risk. At the heart of this resistance: the EU’s strong dissatisfaction over Brazil’s destructive environmental policies and rapidly rising deforestation rate under President Jair Bolsonaro. One of the biggest opponents of the trade agreement to date is the French government of Emmanuel Macron, whose party failed to triumph in municipal elections against the victorious Green Party on June 28, 2020.

Creditors allege Argentine soy giant siphoned $400 mn

Banks are asking a New York judge to subpoena more documents from bankrupt soy-export giant Vicentin SAIC, saying they may have been the victims of “major international financial impropriety. The banks are persisting with a discovery process -- started in February as Vicentin went bankrupt -- because they suspect about $400 million was drained into sister companies. Vicentin said that it isn’t aware of the request for new documents but that it has collaborated fully so far with the discovery procedure.

Argentina’s Neuquen boosts crude exports to 850,000 barrels in June

Producers in Neuquen, the most productive oil province in Argentina, ramped up exports to 850,000 barrels in June, with some coming from the giant Vaca Muerta shale play, the provincial government said. The exports accounted for 19% of the 150,000 b/d of output in the southwestern province that month, said Governor Omar Gutierrez. Of the exports, 60% went to the US, 30% to the Bahamas and the rest to Belgium and the Netherlands.

APM Terminals Bs As facilitates 1st ever export of lemons from Argentina to China

For the first time in history, a cargo of lemons has been exported from Argentina to China, said APM Terminals. A container with 24 tons of lemons, produced in Tucumán, was shipped on the Maersk Labrea from APM Terminals Buenos Aires in Argentina to the Port of Hong Kong, on June 30, 2020. This was made possible due to the agreement and adherence to phytosanitary requirements by both countries.

Argentina’s sweetened debt offer wins early support

Argentina’s new debt restructuring offer won a tentative thumbs up from creditors as they digested the details. Under the proposal, Argentina would start making payments in one year versus three in its original offer, made in April. Coupon payments start low but could rise to around 5%. Two prominent funds, Gramercy and FinTech, said they would back the deal. However, there was no immediate sign of whether it would gain the blessing of the biggest bloc of creditors, including BlackRock and Fidelity, which could torpedo any deal.