Shares can be purchased from Amazon at $69.14, Tesla at $165.39, and the Free Market at $898.9.

Last week Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) reported that investors would be able to access Argentine Certificates of Deposit (Cedear) from Mercado Libre, Amazon and Tesla. This decision helps retail investors to be able to put their pesos into an instrument that covers them from possible devaluations. With 5,000 pesos ($69.14) you can be a shareholder of Amazon, with 12,000 pesos ($165.39) you can be a shareholder of Tesla and with 65,000 pesos ($898.9) you can be a shareholder of Mercado Libre.

Retail sales fell 27.7% in July

According to a report by the Argentine Chamber of Medium-sized Companies (CAME), retail sales fell 27.7% in July at the country level, both online and in physical stores. The most significant retraction in sales felt in the Metropolitan Area of Buenos Aires, where they declined 38%, in the rest of the country where there is no longer preventive and obligatory social isolation, retail sales fell 13.7%.

Agro-industrial exports generated 50% of the dollars that entered the country in the first semester

Exports from the soybean, corn, wheat, sunflower and barley agro-industrial complexes reached a record in the first half of the year. With 52.5 million tons, it is 80% of the volume of Argentina's total exports and 50% of the value that reached $13.63 billion. The agro-industrial sector consolidated as the main generator of genuine currency in the country.

Argentina launches plan for renewable energies for up to $30,000

The National Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries has launched a call for investment proposals aimed at incorporating technologies for the generation of renewable energy applicable to agricultural exploitation and industrialization. Non-reimbursable contributions can be up to 60% with a maximum refund amount of US$ 30,000 per initiative. The closing date is August 28th. Projects must submit by sending the completed form and its attachments to with a copy to