USDA low estimate wheat crop in Argentina at 20.5 mn tons

Argentina's 2020/21 wheat crop would reach 20.5 million tonnes, down from a previous estimate of 21 million tonnes, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said in its monthly report on global grain supply and demand. The north and west of Argentina's agricultural area have been suffering from a significant drought for two months, which has impacted on the development of wheat lots. On the other hand, it kept its forecasts for the 2020/21 soybean crop at 53.5 million tons and corn at and 50 million tons.

Herbicides: a $2.6 billion local market

The German herbicide company DVA estimates that this year Argentine producers will spend some $2.6 billion on products to prevent weed growth. The figure for the herbicide market is similar to that of 2019. Herbicides make up 65% of what Argentine producers spend on inputs. It is there where it seeks to dispute an increasing portion of the business, for which it launched new products.