Provinces will receive 1.3% fewer participation resources in 2020, and 2.3% less in 2021

The provinces are preparing to give up their participation in the distribution of resources with Nación: they will go from receiving 49.6% in 2019 to 48.3% in 2020 (1.3% less) and 47.3% (2.3% less) in 2021. The provinces will lose more than 200,000 million pesos ($2.6 bn) due to the lack of co-participation of the PAIS tax to the dollar. Since this tax was created, the resigned amount will accumulate until the end of next year 306,809 million pesos ($4.05 bn). The one that lost the most was Buenos Aires, with 64.075 million pesos ($845.4 mn) less.

Source: Clarín