AgriRed, a marketplace for agricultural inputs, with monthly transactions of $1.2 million

AgriRed, a marketplace for agricultural inputs in Argentina, is now seeking to establish itself in Brazil. The electronic marketplace, which targets only wholesale buyers in the chain, already records monthly transactions of $1.2 million and generates demand for more than $7 million. The platform now operates with more than 700 companies in the sector that buy and sell agricultural inputs from this channel.

Corruption: Argentina, with a low score according to Transparency International

Transparency Internacional's (TI) report is harsh on Argentina, which, although it has made progress in anti-corruption legislation, still lacks sanctions and transparency in information. Argentina, as measured by TI, contributes only 0.3% of global trade and is among the 15 countries that registered limited actions. The so-called law of corporate criminal responsibility, sanctioned in 2018, achieved a step forward in the fight against corruption and its image worldwide. However, so far, no company has been charged under this law.