MSU Energy completed an expansion of the Barker Thermal Power Plant with an investment of $490 mn

MSU Energy, an Argentine company, dedicated to electricity generation, completed the expansion and conversion to combined cycle of the Barker Thermal Power Plant, located in the province of Buenos Aires. MSU Energy is one of the most efficient thermal generators in the electricity system, with 100% of its capacity operating under a combined cycle. It owns and operates three thermal plants, two located in the province of Buenos Aires and one in Córdoba, with a total installed capacity of 750MW. The expansion project of the three plants required 30 months and an investment of 490 million dollars.

Oracle will invest in expanding connectivity in the cloud, grew 50% in 2019

Oracle in Argentina will inaugurate a "Point of Presence" (infrastructure designed explicitly by Oracle to offer more excellent connectivity, bringing the cloud much closer to customers) in Buenos Aires before the end of this year. The company recorded a 50% growth in cloud sales in 2019. This expansion will represent the hiring of more than 2,000 cloud programmers and developers.