For an estimated $100 mn, control of Walmart transferred to the De Narváez group

The U.S. chain's decision to sell its operation in Argentina focuses on concentrating all its efforts on the U.S. market, where Walmart is a leader in the retail segment. They will maintain 9,000 jobs in the chain's 92 stores across the country, and the brand will change. The chain has 12% of the Argentine market. Although there was no official information on the amount paid by De Narvaez to keep the operation, the group let know that the figure is close to $100 million.

The government will bid this Monday for $750 million in bonds

The government will carry out the promised bond bidding for $750 million, to continue to remove pressure on the exchange market and keep the prices of cash with liquidation and the dollar exchange at bay. Offers will be received for a bond in dollars 2030 (AL30) for up to $500 million and 2035 (AL35) for up to $250 million. It expects that this operation would interest to investment funds such as PIMCO and Templeton.

Inflation: forecast at 35% this year and accelerating to 50% by 2021

Inflation will accelerate in the last quarter, exceeding 3% per month, to close the year at close to 35%. It is the projection of the consulting firm Ecolatina, which highlighted that during 2020 various imbalances and arrears would have accumulated, possibly returning the index to the 50% zone in 2021. This estimate corresponds to the Central Bank's forecast of a rise in consumer prices of around 48.9% for next year.

Toyota will invest $50 mn in a new version of Hilux and $400 mn to produce lithium salts

Toyota announced that it would invest $50 million to add two new versions to the vehicles it manufactures in the Zárate district of Buenos Aires. From there, it will begin production of the latest versions of its Hilux and SW4 models, which will have technological and safety updates. On the other hand, the Japanese firm ratified together with its partners in the company Sales de Jujuy another $400 million to increase the production of lithium carbonate that will destine to the manufacture of batteries.