Cement shipments increased 4% in October

The cement dispatches registered again a monthly rebound in last October, this time of 4% against September, although the fall in interannual terms of 13.2% maintained. The installed capacity of the industry is 15.3 million tonnes per year, 1.27 million per month. In October it was used 85%, compared to 52% in May and 63% in June.

Genneia bids two-year dollar bond with 12% coupon

Genneia, a leading company in renewable energy generation, announced yesterday a new placement of Class XXX Negotiable Obligations (ON), denominated and paying in dollars, with a 12% coupon and 2-year bullet amortization. The tender will be open until next Monday, November 16th, inclusive, and that the payment address is in New York, with the possibility that the cancellation of the coupon and the amortization will take place in Argentina. The operation organized by Banco Macro and has Macro Securities, Balanz, BACS and BST as underwriters.

Fintech: in two years it doubled operators, and the pandemic gave it a new boost

The fintech sector increased its operations in Argentina, and with the digital transformation, they increased their participation in the money market. The restrictions imposed by isolation helped. Argentinean fintech companies employ more than 10,000 people directly and have 10,000,000 customers throughout the country. In the last two years, the ecosystem has doubled to over 260 operators.