Customs seized over $9.4 million in goods

In the first eight months of the year, the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) avoided smuggling operations for more than 750 million pesos ($9.4 mn) within the framework of the routine control operations it carries out at the 154 border crossings. Among the goods seized were thousands of packs of cigarettes and high-end motorcycles that tried to enter the country illegally.

The soybean crop is valued at $20.5 billion and improves the producer’s profitability

The price of soybeans on the international market closed on Friday at $420 per ton, its highest in four and a half years. The value of the local harvest reached $20.5 billion, up from $17.8 billion in the previous cycle. This scenario is not only ideal for the national coffers, but also for the Argentine producers that today show optimal profitability margins in practically all production areas.

With contracts of $464.26 mn, the leasing will be the key financial instrument of the reactivation

The investment of companies in areas such as technology, transportation and machinery will be part of the economic recovery in the Argentine post-pandemic period, operations in which leasing will be a leading financial instrument, with contracts of up to 45 billion pesos ($464.26 mn), according to private estimates. Its tax advantages and the possibility of accessing machinery or goods needed by companies at a lower cost and with fewer guarantees make leasing an ideal mechanism to finance investments after the coronavirus crisis.

Richmond Laboratories placed negotiable debt securities at ten years for over $7.6 mn

The Argentine-owned pharmaceutical company Laboratorios Richmond, successfully tendered its third series of negotiable debt securities for an amount of $7.6 million equivalent to more than 600 million pesos, well above the initial expectation of $5 million. The 10-year financing term achieved by the laboratory is unprecedented in the Argentine market.