Government launches Gas Plan to produce 30 billion m3 in four years

The national government launched this Monday the Gas. Ar Plan, an initiative that aims to produce 30,000 million cubic meters of Argentine gas in four years; generate fiscal savings of $2.5 billion and foreign exchange savings of $9.2 billion. It aims to stop the fall in conventional gas production, replace LNG imports and the consumption of liquid fuels, reduce the output of energy dollars, boost employment in the sector and guarantee gas for the winter of 2021.

Compañía Minera Aguilar will close its plant after 91 years because the ore has run out

After 91 years of uninterrupted activity, Compañía Minera Aguilar announced that it would close its plant in Jujuy province due to the completion of the mineable ore. The company belongs to the multinational Glencore and its zinc, lead and silver deposit reached maturity due to the natural decline of its mineral resources. More than 600 workers will become unemployed.

Soybeans closed at $424 a ton in the international market

The international price of soybeans does not stop its march, yesterday closed at $424 per ton, showing a rise of $2.5 compared to Friday's close and placing it at its highest value in four and a half years. Meanwhile, in Argentina, the oilseed followed the trend, and merchandise negotiated between $345 and $350 per ton. … Continue reading Soybeans closed at $424 a ton in the international market

Winclap, the technology company that increased its annual turnover in the last three years

Winclap was born in 2013 at the hands of two Argentine entrepreneurs who founded the technology company that predicts the most efficient way to invest the budget in marketing and advertising. In the last five years, they received investments of $2.3 million, and in three years, they tripled their turnover every year. 90% of their turnover comes from abroad; they have clients in the United States, Brazil, Colombia and Spain. Among the well-known companies that acquire the service are Mercado Libre, Ualá, Rappi and Despegar.