The price in dollars of the properties had its biggest fall in 15 years in Buenos Aires

Hand in hand with the loss of value of the peso against the dollar, the price of real estate in the City of Buenos Aires is increasingly lower. The dollar values of used two and three-room apartments showed an average decrease of 6.7% during the last quarter and 16.7% in its interannual comparison. The drop reaches 22.09% if we compare the current value with February 2019 (the peak) which reached $2,400 per m2, this is the seventh quarter of consecutive falls.

Makro opened new premises with a $10.5 mn investment

The Dutch group SHV, owner of Makro hypermarkets in Argentina, invested 850 million pesos ($10.5 mn) in opening a new branch of the wholesale chain in Benavídez, province of Buenos Aires. The new location, which will employ 90 people, will open its doors today. The company is converting to a mixed model, between wholesaler and retailer. He ratified his confidence in the country, despite the economic crisis.

Due to the pandemic, unemployment in the city of Buenos Aires jumped to 13.4%

Due to the pandemic, and the quarantine paralyzed vast sectors of the economic activity, in the third quarter of this year in the city of Buenos Aires, almost 199,807 people were unemployed, and unemployment jumped to 13.4%. There is an improvement compared to 14.7% in the second quarter, but a deterioration compared to a year ago when it was 10.5%.