The latest increase in diesel fuel will generate an extra expense of $98.9 million to the farm industry

The last increase of 4.5% in diesel oil meant an extra cost of 8 billion pesos ($98.9 mn) for the field. It reflected in a report by the Argentine Rural Confederations (CRA), which stated that with inputs at dollar value and production at peso value, profits shortened. Also, the sector will have to contribute some 3.79 billion pesos ($46.83 mn) in taxes.

Kamado: the Argentinean who makes $1.5 million a year with a Japanese oven

The company has an annual turnover of 124.17 million pesos ($1.5) for all the products it sells around the world. The venture already has a headquarters in Chile. We have to produce in Chile where the costs are the same as in Argentina, but with the difference that we are not charged for exporting. In Argentina, we are growing quite a lot. In 2017, 150 kamados per year manufactured and now we are at 600. Meanwhile, from Stuttgart, Germany, where they were also recently installed, they export to European countries.

Envision Energy opens second wind farm in Bahia Blanca

Yesterday, the Chinese-owned company Envision Energy inaugurated the "Vientos del Secano" wind farm, with 20 wind turbines and a capacity of 50 Mw, in the Buenos Aires district of Villarino, near Bahía Blanca. It is the second investment of the firm in the region, a year ago put into operation the park "Garcia del Rio" consisting of four wind turbines with a contribution of 10 Mw. The Envision Group has been named one of the ten most essential companies among the 50 smartest companies in the world in 2019 by the MIT Technology Review.

The income of agricultural dollars falls in November 5%

Neither the temporary drop in retentions nor the rise in international prices that consolidated an increase of more than 30% since last March, managed to accelerate the liquidation of foreign currency in agriculture in November, which would end up with around $1.6 billion, a drop of about 5% concerning the previous month. The year would end with a fall of approximately 15%.