Fractures in Vaca Muerta in 2020 increased 58% over the previous month

The production in Vaca Muerta is recovering, due to demand's increase for fuel and the Gas Plan implementation. There were 545 fracture stages in the Vaca Muerta wells, of which 232 drillings correspond to the state-owned majority oil company, followed by 196 drillings in Vista Oil & Gas, 71 in Pluspetrol and 46 in Tecpetrol. The total level represents an increase of 58% concerning the activity registered in October and is the highest of the whole year. With the Gas Plan, 70 million cubic meters per day will add, the majority in the Neuquén basin, where Vaca Muerta locates.

The Government will remove exporters who do not settle foreign exchange from the register of operators

Exporting companies must comply with the foreign exchange settlement to remain registered in the Single Registry of Operators of the Agro-industrial Chain (RUCA). In the case of cereal companies, this must fulfil within 15 days. The foreign currency settlement of the sector so far this year accumulates a drop of around 13.5% and would end … Continue reading The Government will remove exporters who do not settle foreign exchange from the register of operators

Syngenta joins in as a trader with the grain swap, with an investment of $25 mn

Syngenta, one of the world's leading agricultural technology companies, will announce an investment of $25 million. Syngenta already has 5% of the market and would be in a position to guarantee a significant flow of foreign currency that would liquidate immediately. The figure committed in this negotiation, as of January, is one million tons of soybeans and 100 thousand tons of soy oil, for about $500 million.

YPF opened a new thermal power plant in La Plata with an investment of $166 million

The state oil company YPF inaugurated yesterday a thermal power generation plant - operated by its subsidiary YPF Luz - which required an investment of 166 million dollars. The plant, called La Plata Cogeneración II (LPC II), will allow the supply of electricity to 210 thousand homes and provide 200 tons/hour of steam to the operations of YPF's refinery located in the town of Ensenada.

With an investment of almost $40 mn, Jan De Nul has in Argentina the most ecological dredger in the world

Jan De Nul, is a family company of Belgian origin, the leader in maritime and port infrastructure works. It has an annual turnover of $3 billion and more than 7000 employees worldwide. It has been operating in Argentina for 25 years and has 500 professionals. With an investment of almost 40 million dollars, its dredger "Afonso de Albuquerque" built one year ago in China is the first vessel in the planet that has a gas filtering system that achieves a certified reduction of 99% of the residual particles of the combustion.