FIDE says economy will grow 5.6% in 2021

The economy would grow by about 5.6% in 2021, with a strong acceleration in the second quarter, while exports would increase by 10%, due to higher prices of exportable products and the rapid economic recovery of trading partners, estimated the Development Research Foundation (FIDE). The positive performance of China and the signs of recovery in Brazil will have a favourable impact on the local economy, so the economic contraction would be less than expected this year and would reach 10.1%, lower than that included in the Budget.

Food prices rose 5.99%

The cost of the basic food basket presented an increase of 5.99% in November, according to the survey made by the group Free Consumers on a total of 21 warehouse products, fruits and vegetables, and meats. The substantial monthly increase was driven by the rise in meat prices, which increased by 7.2% during the month. Fruits and vegetables climbed 6.9%, and the warehouse item rose 3.5%.

DIA will open 32 stores until the end of 2021 that will generate 160 jobs

The supermarket chain DIA will expand its franchise with the opening of 32 stores from now on and throughout next year, in the city and the province of Buenos Aires, which will generate 160 jobs. It will locate in the town and area of Buenos Aires. The supermarket chain experienced significant growth this year, with a positive impact on the beginning of the pandemic that later stabilized.