Inflation in November was 3.2%

Inflation in November was 3.2%. The Consumer Price Index has risen 30.9% so far this year, with a year-on-year variation of 35.8%. Beyond having slowed down from 3.8% in October, analysts warn that during the next few months it may resume its upward path and project 4% for the beginning of 2021.

YPF increased by 4.5% on average in gasoline and diesel

It is the fifth price increase for the oil company, from August to date. From Thursday, fuel taxes will increase by 5.4%, and from January 15 they will grow another 7.7%. With the transfer of taxes to prices, fuels will increase by 1.5% in gasoline and 1.8% in diesel in December. And then, about another … Continue reading YPF increased by 4.5% on average in gasoline and diesel

Air Liquide will invest $ 8mn in a CO2 processing plant in Salta

The French company Air Liquide announced a long-term agreement to build and operate the first on-site unit of carbon dioxide (CO2) capture in a petrochemical plant located in the province of Salta, which will demand an investment of 8 million dollars. This plant will purify 70,000 tons per year of carbon dioxide from the operations of a petrochemical complex for use in the food sector as well as in mining, but at the same time, 8,000 indirect tons of this gas will reuse in processes that will not return to the atmosphere.

Steel production grew more than 9% in November

The steel consumption momentum continued in November due to private construction and the production of durable goods such as cars, agricultural machinery, appliances and packaging, among others. The production of raw steel was 390,800 tons, 2.3% higher than last October and 9.3% higher than the same month in 2019, according to the Argentine Chamber of Steel.