Soybean crop increases in value by over $4.8 billion

Soybeans in the Chicago market reached their best value in six years yesterday to close at a record $441.5 per tonne, a price that immediately boosted the local crop by at least $4.8 billion. While the lack of rainfall complicates the progress of oilseed planting in Argentina, the rising prices on the international market more than offset the potential lower income of dollars before a very feasible cut in the 2021 harvest.

Waso Holding Fund increased its holdings of PBI bonds from $150 million to $750 million

Waso Holding threatens to complicate Argentina in 2021. This investment house increased its holdings in Coupon PBI from about $150 million to $750 million and has already filed a motion in the court of the Second Southern District of New York to expand the claim against Argentina. The case led by the vulture fund Aurelius and should have a resolution principle during the next fiscal year. The lawsuit already involves claims from different funds and various investors for about $15 billion.

Drug sales grew 46.3% year-on-year in the third quarter

The pharmaceutical industry's sales rose by 46.3% year-on-year in the third quarter of the year, according to data provided this Thursday by the INDEC. The increase mainly explained by the Covid-19 pandemic, the high exchange rate gap and increases in the price of medicines. The data showed that the turnover of national production rose by 46.5% and represented 71.2% of the total while local sales of imports grew by 45.8% and concentrated the remaining 28.8%.