Government regulated the Knowledge Economy Law which exports $6 bn annually

The Government regulated the Knowledge Economy Law, offering tax benefits to encourage activities in the sector, such as reduction of income tax, segmented according to the size of the company and a reduction of up to 70% in employer contributions. Knowledge-Based Services (KBS) companies export close to $6 billion a year, making the sector the country's third-largest export complex. Also, it employs over 250,000 workers, with average wages well above the rest of the economy.

Agriculture: due to price increases, the sector will contribute at least $31 billion in 2021

Thanks to the rise in international market prices, the main export complexes - wheat, maize and soya - would contribute at least $31 billion in foreign currency, representing a growth of more than 15% over the current season. The figures took from a report drawn up by the Mediterranean Foundation in which it puts forward a scenario of low production - due to drought - but sustained prices.