Mercado Libre has a turnover of $20 billion and values at $84.6 billion

The company projects a turnover of more than US$ 20 billion for online sales in the region this year, representing a 46% increase. Much of the volume comes from its 3 of 18 countries of operation: Brazil $10.97 billion, Argentina $4.41 billion and Mexico $4.06 billion. Securities on the New York Stock Exchange began to rise from March and reached a valuation of $84.6 billion. It is the most valuable company in Latin America, an achievement for the performance of its original business, eCommerce and also for its thriving financial arm: Mercado Pago.

Sancor Seguros announced $200 million in investments

The Sancor Seguros group will make investments of $200 million over the next two years, the majority of which, $85 million, will be to capitalize and launch Banco del Sol's retail and corporate banking sector. Another essential part of the investments will be for the CITES business incubator. They plan to invest $10 million in the construction of the building and allocate $30 million to incubate new projects. Eighty-five million dollars will be invested in the real estate business for construction and financing. They plan to create at least 800 new direct jobs.

Knowledge-Economy celebrates 0% withholding and plans to export $10 bn per year

The retention was 5% until the regulation; now with its elimination, the sector faces an ambitious plan: increase from 115,000 to 500,000 jobs in ten years, and export up to $10 billion a year. Currently, Knowledge-Based Services (KBS) companies export close to $6 billion a year, a figure that places the sector as the third-largest export complex in the country.

Jujuy promotes alliances with private companies to develop lithium exploration and production on 10,500 hectares.

The state-owned company Jujuy Energía y Minería (Jemse) announced that it has 10,500 hectares of mining properties in salt flats to form strategic alliances to develop exploration and consolidate the province as a significant producer worldwide. Currently, it has around 10,500 hectares in salt flats to form strategic partnerships to develop greenfield exploration.