The government closed exports of about 4.27 mn tons of maize to prioritize the domestic market

The government temporarily closed the register of maize exports to supply the grain to sectors that use it as a raw material to produce animal protein on the domestic market and contain food prices. The measure aims to make the 4.27 million tonnes available during the summer months when cereal supply tends to be tight.

Banks disbursed more than $1.76 bn in loans to SMEs

Banks have already disbursed 147.864 million pesos ($1.76 bn) in subsidized-rate loans launched in October through the new Financing for Productive Investment in Micro and Small Enterprises (MiPymes) scheme, designed for companies that are recovering working capital and expanding their production processes after months of the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Forty-nine thousand six hundred nineteen companies have already benefited from these lines, which have maximum interest rates that depend on the funds' destination.