Soybeans price: reached $524 and accumulated a 47% year-on-year increase

Yesterday soybean's international price closed at $524.4 on the Chicago market, thanks to a rise of almost $20 in the day, which managed to accumulate a year-on-year increase of 47% and revalue the foreign currency income of the soybean complex by more than $4 billion. Thanks to the rise in commodities, foreign currency income would be around $36 billion. Projections show that thanks to the increase in grain prices, the government will collect more than $2.4 billion than budgeted in taxes.

Investment grew by 13% in November

Investment continued on the recovery path during November, with the Monthly Investment Indicator (MII) recording year-on-year growth of 13%. Thus, after 30 consecutive months of declines, it is the first time it has shown an annual increase since May 2018. In seasonally adjusted terms, the index rose by 9.6% per month.

Electricity distributors: tariff freeze will affect the service of more than 450,000 km of networks

Electricity distributors express concern about the extension of the tariff freeze recently imposed in some country's significant areas. The freeze is taking place in a context of 80% cumulative inflation, which directly impacts the cost of services. During 2020, they invested 50 billion pesos ($581.7 mn) in supporting the operation of more than 450,000 km of networks involving more than 80,000 people who work directly and indirectly to provide the service.