Albanesi Group unveils investment plan of over $600 mn

The Albanesi group, one of the leading energy generators and leader in the natural gas commercialisation market in Argentina, will implement an investment plan of more than $600 million. They have been working on a complex financial engineering process that involved the extension of two negotiable obligations and modifications of three foreign financings, which allow them to reduce maturities by more than $90 million between 2021/2022.

Agribusiness has already lost more than $145 mn due to the transport strike

The transport workers have maintained intermittent roadblocks since Saturday in the central part of the country and could toughen the measure of force while continuing to wait for a call from the government. The agribusiness sector was one of the hardest hit. In the first four days of this week, around 10,000 trucks stopped entering the port, representing an average load of 300,000 tonnes with an approximate value of $145 million. The figures must add $30,000 for each day's delay in loading a ship.

The primary food basket rose by 4.7% in December and accumulated 39.1% in 2020

The Basic Food Basket (CBA) registered an increase of 5.1% in December, and in 2020 showed a cumulative growth of 45.5%, above the general inflation of 36.1%. The Total Basic Food Basket (CBT) cost, which includes clothing and transport, increased by 4.7% in December, and 39.1% in the year. Utility and transport fares are included in the Total Basic Basket and have been frozen since the beginning of the year, while in the Food Basket the food item is predominant and rose the most in recent months.

YPF shares plunge 12% on Wall Street

Guillermo Nielsen's departure from the presidency of YPF continues to affect the oil company's share price. The stock fell 11.8% on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, bringing the company's total stock market valuation to less than $1.3 billion, a floor never been reached before, not even during the expropriation of 51% of the company in April 2012. Since Monday, when rumours of Nielsen's possible resignation began, the stock has fallen 19% and is down 35% in a month.