Proposed world’s first wind tax could cost a 100 MW farm $20 mn

A one-of-its-kind plan to tax the wind in Argentina has drawn scorn from clean-energy companies. Puerto Madryn, a city on the Atlantic coast where gusts are coveted by wind developers like Genneia SA, wants to tax the megawatts of energy sold by wind farms, according to the proposal. The tax could cost a 100-megawatt farm US$20 million, creating problems for existing projects whose investors won’t have factored in that kind of hit from left field, and halting the construction of new ones.

WEF: Argentina among the worst performers in the fight against COVID-19

A World Economic Forum report reveals that Argentina is among the countries with the lowest fiscal stimulus in relation to GDP, behind Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia and China. The study also found that Argentina was second only to Peru and Spain in terms of GDP decline and ranked sixth behind Belgium, Peru, Spain, Italy and the UK in terms of deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.