Argentina negotiates with IMF to reschedule $28.4 billion in maturities

Argentina is negotiating with the IMF and the Paris Club to reschedule payments to alleviate public debt maturities with external creditors, which amount to about $28.4 billion between February and December. According to the Congressional Budget Office (OPC), maturities with the International Monetary Fund of $5.19 billion stand out, with the largest payments concentrated in September and December.

Catamarca proposes to create an Argentinian cryptocurrency backed on lithium, gold and silver

The government of Catamarca presented a project to regulate fintechs and cryptocurrencies, and proposed the creation of a Digital Currency of Argentina or of the Provinces of the Norte Grande, backed by the mining production of lithium, gold and silver. According to the government of this province, these assets have a good international valuation and good medium-term prospects.

Vista becomes second-largest shale oil producer in Argentina

Vista Oil & Gas became the second largest crude oil producer in Vaca Muerta. With its volume of 15,278 barrels of shale-oil in December, the company contributed 12% of the total generated by the formation, behind YPF's 57% and ahead of Shell's 10%. For this year, the company plans to bring four wells per quarter on stream. Since it began operating in Argentina in 2018, Vista has increased its hydrocarbon production by more than 24% and reduced its costs by 43%.