Due to income tax on wages, Toyota stopped exporting $1million on Tuesday’s holiday

Toyota did not work on Tuesday, a public holiday, even though it had everything in place at its factory in Zárate to produce some 600 units of its Hilux pick-up and SW4 SUV. The overtime "bonus" of its 5000 employees would have gone to the Treasury, and the Zárate factory paralysed. The factory stopped exporting $1million, just for that one truncated working day.

With inflation at 36.1%, increases of up to 1,300% recorded in medicines during 2020

The Argentine Health Union (UAS) presented a report that records that there were medicines that in 2020 increased by up to 1,300%, in a year when inflation reached 36.1%. Drugs for hospital use increased by an average of 278%, but products such as Propofol (for use in critically ill patients with Covid 19) had annual increases of 335%.

Argentina resumes gas exports to Brazil after six years

After six years, Argentina resumed its gas exports to Brazil with the start-up of the Uruguaiana Thermal Power Plant (CTU), which belongs to the company SAESA, is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, and can export up to 2.4 million cubic metres of natural gas per day. Each day of CTU's operation implies a foreign exchange income of up to 500,000 dollars for Argentina, and a potential gain of more than 100 million dollars a year, if only exports were made outside the winter when the gas is needed to cover local demand.

The agriculture sector contributed with $120 bn in export taxes over 20 years

Grain production alone contributed almost $120 billion in withholding taxes in 20 years and allowed foreign currency inflows of $470 billion. It is according to a report by grain market specialist Carlos Etchepare. In the same period, the value of crops amounted to more than $630 billion, so the countryside gave the state one out of every four harvests.