Government announces $8.43 mn investment in the shipbuilding industry

The government is seeking to support sectors that show signs of recovery. On the list of industries in full reactivation and will have new regulatory frameworks is the shipbuilding industry. The government announces an investment of 750 million pesos ($8.43 mn) with the owners of the firm SPI Astilleros for the construction of a suction dredger for river and seaport interiors.

Basic Food Basket: up 4.2 % in January

The Total Basic Food Basket (CBT) registered an increase of 4.2 per cent in January, the National Institute of Statistics and Census (INDEC) reported yesterday. According to official data, a typical family needed an income of 56,459 pesos ($635) not to be considered poor. Meanwhile, the so-called Basic Food Basket (CBA) - which measures indigence - increased by 4.6 per cent in the first month of the year. Both indicators rose above the general index, which was 4%.

Government publishes requirements for accessing the Knowledge Economy regime, a $6 bn annual industry

The industry, which groups together sectors and activities such as software, professional services, biotechnology, consultancy, engineering and audiovisual content, employs 437,000 people and exports $6 billion annually. Companies will have to prove that 70% of their turnover comes from these sectors to receive the benefits and must meet at least two of the following requirements: investment in improving the quality of their products and services, staff training or research and development work, exporting at least 4% of their turnover

Pampa Energía’s shareholders approved the sale of 51% of Edenor for $100 mn

Pampa Energía's General Shareholders' Meeting approved the sale of 51% of the shares of Edenor, the country's leading energy distributor, to Empresa de Energía del Cono Sur S.A. (Edelcos), a company headed by the Vila-Manzano Group in partnership with Mauricio Filiberti. (Edelcos), a company controlled by the Vila-Manzano Group in partnership with Mauricio Filiberti. The amount of the transaction was 25% higher than the market value. Edenor is currently worth approximately $167 million on the stock exchange, and Pampa sold 51% for $100 million.