China donated a mobile hospital with 13 modules and a $5 million price tag

China's gift (valued at more than $5 million) underpins the military link; donating non-lethal equipment guarantees that the gesture will not have geopolitical implications. The Chinese mobile hospital will become part of the Argentine Army Health Service. The second hospital of Chinese origin that the force has received, the previous one, was donated in 2017. It includes 13 container-modules with their respective transport trucks, an innovative capacity that allows them to move where assistance is needed.

The industry grew 4.4% in January

The manufacturing industry chained its third consecutive annual improvement as in January 2021; it recorded a 4.4% growth compared to the same month of 2020. The excellent start to the year drove by a 31.5% annual increase in non-metallic minerals, caused by good activity in the construction sector.

The construction sector started the year with a jump of 23.3%

Construction activity began the year with a substantial jump, showing a 23.3% year-on-year growth, according to the INDEC (National Institute of Statistics and Censuses) on Thursday. It is the third consecutive year-on-year increase after 26 months of decline. The Synthetic Indicator of Construction Activity (ISAC) increased 4.4% monthly in the measurement without seasonality. Thus, the ISAC registers a rise that places it at a level 28% higher than the pre-covid level of February 2020.

IMF confirms $3.5 bn draw

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will enable the Special Drawing Rights (SDR), with which there will be extra money that the financial organisation will transfer to the countries that have their contribution up to date. Argentina is one of them; it assumes that between $3.3 and $3.5 billion extra money will arrive from the IMF in the coming weeks, without the need for adjustment applications or any relation to the Extended Facilities agreement that the government is negotiating with the Fund. The money represents the country's 0.7 per cent quota share of its total contributions as an active member of the IMF.

YPF improves results and announces $2.7 bn investment

State-owned oil company YPF reported Thursday that in 2020 it had a net loss of $1.09 billion but that in the last quarter of the year, it was able to cut the loss by more than $540 million from the accumulated decline up to September. As a result of a more significant normalisation of economic activity, and after the debt swap, the company plans to invest $2.7 billion in 2021.