Foreign exchange earnings from agriculture: record $28.8 bn forecast

The exceptional rise experienced by the main exportable grains (wheat, corn and soybeans) during the last six months would generate a foreign exchange income of at least $28.8 billion, making it the highest in Argentina's history. If current prices continue, the agricultural sector will bring 38% more dollars this year than in 2020: maize alone, revenues of $8 billion. Also, there is already evidence of higher grain sales by producers due to the calm dollar and the smaller gap.

Ternium to invest $500 mn in sustainable technologies

A few days after reporting global profits of nearly $900 million in 2020, Ternium announced yesterday that it would invest a total of $500 million in environmentally sustainable projects and technologies at three of its 17 plants across the Americas between 2021 and 2028. The projects will focus on emissions reduction, effluent management and materials management at the plants in San Nicolas, Buenos Aires province; Nuevo Leon, Mexico; and Santa Cruz, Brazil.

Auth0, the newest of Argentina’s unicorns, sold for $6.5 bn

Argentina was the most prolific country in the region in the generation of unicorns in the last decade, with the cases of Mercado Libre, Globant, OLX and Despegar. Now, the novelty is the sale for $6.5 billion of Auth0, a company dedicated to developing technologies for the identification of users that has a universe of companies that hire the services of Auth0 reaches 9,000. All of them seek to incorporate the most secure technology available so that their users can access and operate on their platforms. What for an ordinary user is just a matter of entering a password, involves a very sophisticated infrastructure.