Oil prices continue to rise, approaching $70 a barrel

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil, which trades on the New York futures market (Nymex), was up 0.14% this morning and was trading at $66.11 a barrel in contracts for delivery in April. Similarly, North Sea Brent crude oil, which trades on London's electronic futures market (ICE), gained 0.22% and was trading at $69.78 a barrel in contracts for May delivery.

The February CPI was 3.6%

Inflation in February was 3.6%, slowing down from 4% in December and January, to accumulate 7.8% so far this year. In year-on-year terms, the Consumer Price Index showed a rise of 40.7%. Private analysts estimate a new acceleration in March, when the indicator may again approach 4% and warn of inertia that will keep the figure above 3% in the coming months.

Telecom: losses amounted to $56.28 mn

Grupo Telecom Argentina reported yesterday that in 2020 it had a net loss of 5.1 billion pesos ($56.28 mn), 3.6% less than the red it had recorded during 2019. In this context, it said that at the end of last year, it subtracted 499,000 mobile telephony customers but added 26,000 cable TV subscribers and another 23,000 broadband internet users.