The Economist ranked Argentina at the top of the list in terms of risk for investors

A ranking prepared by The Economist magazine placed Argentina in the first places in terms of risk for investors, only surpassed by Venezuela, Haiti and Cuba. The report, which warns about the advance of populist alternatives in different Latin American countries, showed that the country's item that obtained the worst score was an economic risk. In contrast, specialists warned that if macroeconomic imbalances are not corrected, a solid monetary and inflationary adjustment will occur.

YPF announced investments of more than $300 million in a Santa Cruz oilfield

YPF announced an investment of more than $300 million and the start-up of 4 rigs in the Los Perales field in Santa Cruz. In this way, the state-owned oil company will operate with a total of 30 rigs in the province during 2021. This initiative is part of an investment plan for $2.7 billion that the company has planned for this year.

The textile company Derwil SA inaugurated a plant with an investment of more than $5 mn

Derwil SA, the largest manufacturer and exporter of finished textile garments in Argentina, inaugurated on Thursday a plant that will enable it to increase its exports of socks to Brazil and the rest of the region. The expansion required an investment of more than $5 million and expected to create 50 new jobs, bringing the total number of workers to 190.

One hundred ninety-three Argentine cities get ready to fight against climate change

One hundred ninety-three cities in our country established zero-carbon goals for the year 2050 out of a total of 800 worldwide. The data is from the new Renewables in Cities Global Status Report prepared by the influential international political network REN21. According to the technical report, they represent almost 25% of the cities that have set zero carbon goals globally.