The government promised bondholders 7% growth and a deficit of less than 4.5%

The Government announces in New York that Argentina will grow almost 7% this year, and the fiscal deficit will be below 3% instead of 4.5% of GDP. They will obtain the latter result due to an improvement in tax collection of more than 10 points above inflation. On the other hand, reserves will increase this year by almost $6 billion, and there will be no exchange rate changes.

At least 600,000 hectares of soybeans recovered after rains

In the last few days, rainfall resulted in relief for the little more than 1.2 million hectares of soybeans planted in the core zone that were in poor to fair condition. Expectations halted production cuts to be around 44 million tons. If the current conditions are maintained, the estimated foreign currency income from the total harvest would be between $26 and $28 billion.