Half of the interest charged by the IMF comes from Argentina

Argentina is the IMF's primary debtor, owing to it $46 billion. For the organization, this represents almost one-third of its total debts. It is now urgent that in the talks and subsequent negotiations with the Fund, it is possible to postpone this year's maturities, which amount to $3.65 billion in principal and close to $1 billion in interest. Argentina's interest payments are almost half of what the IMF will charge all countries for that concept. Argentina is a good client for the Fund and a significant contributor to the Fund's annual cash flow.

The economy fell less than 10% in 2020 due to the pandemic

Due to the pandemic's effect, the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) contracted by 9.9% in 2020. During the past year, declines in all components of aggregate demand; fell of exports by 17.7%, private consumption drop by 13.1%, investment fell by 13%, and public consumption decrease by 4.7%; resulted in the fall in GDP. In the last quarter, the economy grew 4.5% concerning the previous quarter.

E-commerce in Argentina expected to double in 4 years

Argentina is the second-fastest-growing e-commerce market globally and grew significantly amid the pandemic (55% in 2020). The projection is that it will double by 2024, according to a survey of 41 countries conducted by the multinational financial technology company FIS. It projects to grow by 29% annually over the next four years.

The forestry chain presented $7 bn in investment projects

Within the framework of the presentation of the Argentine Forestry Industrial Council (ConFIAr), representatives of the forestry chain presented the government with medium and long-term productive investment projects for $7 billion to boost the activity throughout the country. The value chain combines labour-intensive activities with other capital-intensive ones, which benefits the country and gives strength to the whole industry.