A trade surplus of $865 million estimated for February

After December's deficit, which interrupted 27 consecutive months of positive results, the trade balance started the year with a trade surplus of over $1 billion. The trend seems to sustain during February. According to different consulting firms, in the second month of 2021, the Argentine Trade Exchange (ICA) recorded a favourable balance of $865 million, sustained by exports from the agricultural sector.

Digital House, an Argentinean talent development firm, raises $50 million

Digital House, a company dedicated to training talent in the knowledge economy, has just received an injection of $50 million from its impressive headquarters in the Belgrano neighbourhood. It is the most significant investment for an organization of its kind, focused on immersive remote courses. Digital House has expanded throughout most of Latin America. It is an expert in training new technologies: Mercado Libre, Globant and the River Wood fund, the leading investors.