Argentina lost a lawsuit in New York for the PBI Coupon

New York Judge Loretta Preska ruled against the country in the case brought by the vulture fund Aurelius due to how during 2014, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's government modified the mechanism for measuring the national GDP. If the case settled, the country should pay a minimum of $1.2 billion for the GDP Coupon. According to Preska, the government acted in "bad faith".

Trufas del Nuevo Mundo projects an annual production of 1,500 kgs by 2024

Trufas del Nuevo Mundo is an SME with more than 50 hectares in the town of Espartillar in the province of Buenos Aires and, by 2024, expects to reach an annual production of 1,500 kilograms. In the European market, trufas worth more than 1,500 euros per kilo. In Trufas del Nuevo Mundo, the export value ranges between $750 and $900, although they reached $1,100. From its beginnings in 2012 to the present, the company invested some $ 3.6 million. The investment values represent 30% of the profit.

According to the World Bank, Argentina’s economy will grow 6.4% this year

The World Bank improved its growth projection for the Argentine economy this year: the entity estimates that the GDP will recover by 6.4%, 1.5 percentage points more than foreseen in its previous report. Thus, it is closer to different private estimates that show that the rebound for this year could, if some factors are taken into account, exceed 7%.