2.8 million households lifted out of fuel poverty in 2020

The Ente Nacional Regulador del Gas (Enargas) stated on Monday that in 2020, around 2.8 million natural gas users through networks left the situation of energy poverty as a result of the Tariff Emergency and the relief measures. Energy Poverty defined as households that spend 10% or more of their income to pay for energy services. The number of families that exceeded this threshold decreased 66% compared to 2019.

Tax revenues rose 72% in March

Tax collection in March recorded a 72.2% year-on-year increase due to the combined effect of the economic reactivation, the increase in the rates of some taxes, inflation, the rise in international commodities prices and because March 2020 had ten fewer days of revenue due to the measures against the coronavirus. According to information from the Ministry of Economic, the Treasury collected 767.85 billion pesos ($8.3 bn).

The lithium industry is growing: there are 21 extraction projects for 93 million tons

The lithium industry represents an excellent opportunity to develop renewable energies and sustainable mobility worldwide. Argentina can play a strategic role in this global scenario: it is the third-largest lithium producer and the third-largest reserve in the world. Today in Argentina, there are two lithium mines in operation, one under construction and 17 advanced projects. In this total of 21 extraction projects, it has resources for 93 million tons. The ten most significant-scale projects account for 86% of the resources identified. Once the projects currently under investigation are advanced, it estimates that they can extract 350 thousand tons per year.