Soybeans rose $6 and surpassed $532

Soybean rose $6.06 yesterday in the Chicago market, after reaching a seven-year high, and closed at $532.69. The oilseed price accumulated its fifth bullish round and was 75% above the value it had thirteen months ago. Exports of the soybean complex closed the first quarter of the year with a record income of $5.025 billion due to the increase in international grain prices.

The industry used 58.3% of its installed capacity in February

The manufacturing industry used 58.3% of its installed capacity during February, according to the INDEC (National Institute of Statistics and Censuses) reported on Monday. In annual terms, this was the first drop in four months. Compared to February 2020 (59.4%), the decrease was explained mainly by a higher number of scheduled plant shutdowns, which had more intensively arranged last year in January.