The purchasing power of salaried employees fell by 3 to 7 salaries in 3 years

The loss of purchasing power of salaries is not a novelty: an employee belonging to the informal sector, in the last three years, lost the equivalent of 7 wages, while if he/she belongs to the formal sector of the economy, he/she had to give up three salaries. Public employees lost 4.5 salaries. Devaluation in Argentina has an impact on prices, and this affects real wages.

The primary fiscal deficit increased 7.5% so far in 2021

So far this year, the fiscal deficit has increased by 59,761 million pesos($632.39 mn) concerning the initial guidelines established in the Budget Law, as a result of the application of three spending increases by the Government. The increase in the deficit is 4.1% concerning the financial outcome and 7.5% if it takes the primary balance, which, unlike the former, does not include public debt servicing.